Corrective Hair Color

What Is Corrective Hair Color : And Why Turn to Izzo Hair to Fix Your Hair Disaster

It’s understandable that you can buy into the TV commercials with your favorite celebrity telling you how easy it is to wash the gray away or add beautiful highlights without any damage to your hair!  The advertising is very appealing with claims of no ammonia or no peroxide, or worse yet all “natural”!  Pictures of beautiful models with massive heads of shiny, bouncy hair in a pretty box.  The bad news is it’s really just poor quality chemicals that dry out hair and change it to a color to something you probably didn’t expect.

Then there’s the same problem when you go to the salon and they ruin your hair or just don’t get the color right.  That’s why so many people turn to the drugstore in the first place.  Truthfully, it’s really not there fault any more than it’s yours for using the box color.  There’s a huge void in training in our salons today and the manufacturers don’t teach the salon professional what’s really in the color or how strong the product is that they use on your hair.  They pull the same deceptive advertising on them – “non-ammonia”, “non-peroxide”, “damage free”, even “organic”!  The truth is it’s all chemicals!  We are a chemical industry with very little training!  Hair is a complex fiber that requires the use of chemicals to alter the color or cover gray hair, it’s a fact.

The key is training, so your colorist uses the least abrasive product to get the result you need perfect.  The bad news is most manufacturers don’t give out that information.  I’ve been a colorist for over 35 years, worked for many manufacturers as well as worked directly with chemists in product development.   Now I’m National Director of Education for Primary Syn hair color because they DO give out all the chemistry a colorist needs to know to be able to fix most all hair color disasters.

Your hair is the one thing on your body that can be easily changed, and you wear it 24/7.  It’s your crown and glory and you can’t afford to turn it into a chemical disaster!  If your hair needs correction then it’s already stressed and weakened.  You need an expert to condition and correct your hair color.

I travel all over the US teaching hair colorists how to use our products and rescue damaged hair.  Our staff has the best training in the country right here in Gulf Breeze, Florida.  Call for a consultation whether you need your hair corrected or just want the most creative color you can get.  Also, please feel free to contact me through our site with any questions you may have about your hair.