Hair Loss Solutions

Honest Hair Loss Solutions : Without the Sales Pitch

I can give you the whole hair loss speech and tell you every reason why men and women both experience hair loss.  Actually you can read it on our website, then I could tell you we can grow your hair back like all the major hair loss chains like you to believe.  But I’m not a chain operation, I’m a hairdresser for 35 plus years who has studied all the options because I started losing my own hair many years ago.  I was fortunate because I travel and teach hair loss all over the country, and knew where to get the best hair transplant.  Plus I knew I was a good candidate for a transplant and that was my best option.

The hair restoration business is very competitive.  There are very sincere people in the business and there are even more “snake oil salesmen”.  You might be a candidate for laser treatments, and yes it works (FDA approved) but not on everybody.  Maybe laser combined with hair loss preventionproducts is the answer.  Certain products can be a great benefit if you’re the right candidate.  Or maybe a hair transplant is well suited to your situation as opposed to wearing a hair system.  Knowing your options is where it’s at.  Understanding the commitment to each option and what really works is my job.

I will promise you my only interest is giving you all the options and letting you know what it involves commitment wise and cash wise.  If a hairpiece (hair system) is the answer I can make it so no one will ever know that it’s not your own hair.  If a transplant is a better option based on the fact you still have some hair and you have good “donor” hair, then I will strongly suggest that option because it will save you money in the long run, and I know the best doctors that never make a mistake!  Then again, if you’re just starting to get thin then laser may be a great way to approach the issue.

You need answers!  I won’t lead you down a path just to exploit the situation.  Don’t get taken advantage of.  Come in for a free, private consultation with absolutely no commitment and no pressured sales techniques.  I will tell you up front what will work the best for your situation and can get you a free consultation with the best doctor if a transplant is an option.

Do it for yourself, for your job, for self-confidence or just to feel better.  I can help you decide what options are available to you and exactly what each option costs.  You make the decision that’s best for you or the decision to do nothing.  It’s your choice.